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Technical efficiency

The dashboard of the Airport Plaza Campus

Airport Plaza


  • The Airport Plaza Campus is comprised of five independent office buildings with private, terraces, respectively of 3 (Geneva), 5 (Rio), 7 (Kyoto), 8 (Montreal) and 9 (Stockholm) levels – including the ground floor level. The Geneva and Rio buildings can be connected at the Ground floor and G+1 level, same as the Montreal and Stockholm buildings.
  • The complex offers a central and communicant hub that provides entrances to the office buildings and access to the different services available through the 5-Star Services (shared meeting rooms, lounge, shop, personal concierge service, laundry, etc.), to the restaurants, the parking, etc.

Building research establishment environmental assessment method

  • BREEAM and EPB certified.
  • Airport Plaza Campus has a very high score on "energy management" and "performance maintenance sustainability", making good control over energy consumption and operation costs (BREEAM).


  • On each floor, a kitchenette has been foreseen equipped with a microwave, a refrigerator and a washbasin.

Construction and terraces

  • The structure of the building is made in reinforced concrete columns and beams. All floors are made of reinforced concrete. The technical equipment area covering is made from a steel structure and corrugated sheets.
  • Different floor loading capabilities depending on the use: parking: 250 kg/sqm, technical equipment rooms: 500 kg/sqm, underground floor archives -1: 750 kg/sqm, underground archives -2: 1.000 kg/sqm, offices: 300 kg/sqm + 100 kg/sqm mobile load for the partitions.


  • Module interval 0.90 m to 1.80 m
  • Platform depth 12 to 20 m
  • High performance double-glazing for the façade frames
  • K coefficient = to 1.1 W/sqm
  • Light transmission: TL > or = 49-54%
  • Solar factor: FS < or = to 32%. SC < or = 27-29%.

Insulation and soundproofing

  • Acoustic insulation
  • Maximum sound in the different building equipment:
    • NR 35 in offices and meeting rooms
    • NR 40 in halls, corridors and sanitary installations
  • Extreme external conditions
    • Winter: external temperature of -8°C / Internal conditions provided: +21°C in office & meeting room
    • Summer: external temperature of +30°C / Internal conditions provided: +25°C in offices & meeting room

Raised floors & suspended ceiling

  • Raised floor in 60/60 cm provided with an aluminum sheet. The assembly is 38 mm in thickness with useful height of 10 cm (minimum permissible local value 8 cm) and is placed on adjustable screws bonded to the concrete.
  • Metallic suspended ceiling, perforated and foreseen with an acoustical flees.

Heating & air conditioning

  • Offices and other similar areas, such as meeting rooms, are air conditioned with chilled dynamic beams to ensure comfortable conditions.
  • The hot / cold exchange is done per office by a system of four pies running in the false ceiling.
  • Offices an all other similar areas have a minimum fresh air input of minimum 35 cum/h per occupant for occupancy of 1 person per 10 sqm (net office).

High voltage substation

  • The building is connected to the 11 KV High Voltage distribution system requiring a shared transformer cabin for the site.

General low voltage switchboard ("TGBT/ALSB")

  • The basic installations guarantee a Cos phi greater than 0.9.
  • It supplies the distribution switchboards and the drive power supply switchboards for other equipments (HVAC, lifts...) and certain specific uses.
  • An overvoltage protection is foreseen for the main low voltage switchboard of each building and for the general low voltage switchboard (TGBT-ALSB).


  • All the equipment is equipped with aluminum reflectors.
  • All control is done by switches or remote control switches, except parking areas and infrastructure lift lobby where; presence detectors have been foreseen.
  • Average illumination in offices: 450 LUX.

General set

  • Only planned because required by the fire brigade for smoke extraction in the parking areas. On the building C there is a generator installed with a minimum capacity of 125 kVA.

Fire protection

  • Automatic fire detection installation, alert system, all the servo systems, automatic controls and signing for automatic fire stop doors, ventilation and smoke extraction installations, smoke vents, any room detection and extinguishing systems.


  • The lifts forming a set operate collectively in selective multiplex:
    • Waiting time: = 30 to 35 seconds
    • Speed: 1.6 m/s - 1.0 m/s
    • Door dimensions: 210 x 90 cm for the lifts

Access control & security

  • In basis, the Campus foresees badge readers at the building entrance, and at the parking entrance (before the sectional door).

Building management system

  • HVAC-installations of all buildings are linked with a bus-system to the BMS-system.
  • The BMS will show all scheme off the HVAC-installations: aerolics, hydraulics, all ground floors with regulation of the cooled-beams, alarm of the transformators for the electrical installations, alarm of the elevators for the elevators

Interior office finish

  • Natural wood skirting boards painted or carpeted.
  • Walls coated and painted.
  • Metallic suspended ceiling, perforated and foreseen with an acoustical flees. At each module there is a "band raster".
  • Internal woodwork for fire resistant doors.
  • The lighting of office areas is done using single fluorescent tube (T5) luminaries (direct illumination) built into false ceiling foreseen with electronic ballast, parallel to the façade and of low luminance (450 LUX).

Common areas

Entrance hall

  • Floor: natural stone slabs, skirting in the same material, synthetic mats at the entrance air locks.
  • Walls: clad with decorative paint on wooden wall coverings on max 30% of the wall surfaces.
  • Ceilings: painted gyproc ceiling, perforated.

Floor lobbies in front of lifts (offices)

  • Floor: stone of hardwood slabs, placed on screed.
  • Walls: clad with decorative paint wood coverings on max 30% of the wall surfaces.
  • Ceilings: perforated plasterboard, suspended and painted.

Parking areas

  • Quartz loaded smooth screed, road paint and number on the floor, walls are smooth concrete (blocks or shells). Unpainted.

Access & surroundings

  • access to the parking area, for entrance and exit, via two ramps descending next to or below the building.
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