The work place to be with 4 areas dedicated to on-site services

Domestic cleaning

Domestic cleaning


Are you looking for a trustable domestic cleaning service? In cooperation with axxi@home we offer you:

  • A personal approach;
  • A presentation of our cleaning staff;
  • Additional attendance in the early stages;
  • A housekeeping register;
  • A comprehensive selection of our staff;
  • A certificate of good behavior is required.


  • A legal solution
    You and your cleaning staff will be insured without any risk.
  • There will be a clear cleaning program
    With our knowledge from the professional cleaning there will be set up a professional cleaning program.
  • We guarantee you quality and professionalism

How much does it cost?

You pay 9 euro with service cheques and get 30% back on your taxes. This mean that you will pay 6,30 euro after tax!


Please contact us to schedule a service.

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