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Ironing of your laundry with service cheques. As a new customer of the 5-Star Service Center, you will receive your own box of laundry against a deposit of 10 €.

Please contact us for more information.


Monday & Thursday until 3 pm


Thursday & Monday starting 3 pm

How much does it cost?

  • 1 service cheque costs € 8.50 which is equal to a cost of € 5.95 after tax reductions. Sodexo sends you annually in March a certificate with the purchased services of the past year. To benefit from the reduction, you have to submit this form together with your tax declaration.
  • 1 service cheque equals 60 minutes of ironing. If you do not use the full 60 minutes, the remainder will be credited to your next order.

Ironing prices

Calculate your ironing cost
Prijslijst Strijken.xls
Microsoft Excel Table [26.5 KB]

Dear tenants, these prices are indicative, they may vary slightly. When ordering, a precise quotation will be communicated.

How can I purchase service cheques?

Order your service cheques here:

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