The work place to be with 4 areas dedicated to on-site services

A large range of services

The highest international standards for the occupier comfort

Airport Plaza Campus offers office space exceeding the highest international standards. The complex offers a central and communicant hub that provides entrances to the office buildings and access to the different services available through the 5-Star Service (share meeting rooms, lounge, shop, personal concierge service, laundry, etc.), to the restaurants, the parking, etc.

5-Star Service

5-Star Service is a tenant service program unique to the industry. It is designed to enhance the work day of the tenants of Airport Plaza Campus and provide a host of services and amenities to increase their productivity and satisfaction. The 5-Star Service Program creatively develops new service oriented programs, enhances public work space and links locations around the world sharing information and facilities. 5-Star Service is the first and only program of its kind dedicated to altering the culture found in office space from a simple location to house your employees to a partnership between building and its tenants.

Natural Delicious Yellow

Discover the dayly menu and enjoy your Natural Delicious Yellow.

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Natural Delicious Green

Order your lunch, save time and enjoy your Natural Delicious Green.

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Meeting rooms

Search and book your meeting room.

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Book your catering for your meeting. Catering will only be served as from 9h00.

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5-Star Service

Your 5-Star Service Center is located on the ground floor between Rio and Kyoto buildings.

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