The work place to be with 4 areas dedicated to on-site services

Postal services

Postal services


Your 5-Star Service offers you a wide variety of postal services on-site at Airport Plaza. Whether you are in need of stamps, post a registered letter or whether you would like to receive your personal parcels and online purchases conveniently at the 5-Star Service Center, we have you covered.

  • Stamps
  • Reception of personal mail
  • Shipping of personal mail


We conveniently inform you by email upon arrival of your letter or parcel.


For same day shipping, please bring your personal mail until 13h00 to the 5-Star Service Center.


Your 5-Star Service Center has stamps and other postal items at your disposal:

Reception of personal mail

The 5-Star Service Center acts as a delivery point for various brands of online shops. You can easily send your parcel to the 5-Star Service center instead of to your home address and collect the parcel at the service center whenever it is convenient to you. Please use the correct delivery address:

  • 5-Star Service
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